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Leave Management System

leave management system

This application is using for the Leave Management System for the office employees.  Where you can apply your leave for the specific day. And also view the history of your previous leave. In this android application, you have specific UserId and Password. Managers receive leave requests and can approve them right within the email or by mobile. If they need more details, they can also quickly check to see the leave usage and balances of the employee and who else in their team have taken leaves. Employees receive an email, confirming the decision either way.

 India is a culture of diversity and your company is no different. We have different festivals for different cultures and your employees seek holidays of their choice. EICE Leave Management System allows you to specify as many floater holidays (optional holidays) as you choose and still limit to a number per employee. On the LMS platform, an employee is made better aware of the context of his actions and actively engaged in decision making thereby increasing his sense of ownership for the company. A simple example is how we involve an employee in the leave approval process. When an employee is applying for a leave, he is automatically shown who else have already applied/approved leaves on that specific days, so he can judiciously make a decision if his absence can further hurt the project delivery.