The Challenge: The client markets the leading simulator for the analysis of oil and gas production systems. A critical component of the application engine is the algorithm for the solving multiphase flow networks. The client has recently embarked on an initiative to develop the next generation multiphase network solver based on a generalized Newton approach that is expected significantly improve solution speed, robustness and enhance functionality, all critical requirements for solving optimization problems involving large (100s of wells) gathering systems.

Our Role: EICE is providing advisory consulting services in the design the new solution algorithm. EICE’s consultants have several years of industry-leading expertise in solving complex multiphase flow and numerical analysis problems.

Our Approach: EICE consultants have advised the client on their extensive practical experience in both network solver implementation and complex multiphase flow analysis through a set of workshops and white papers with the client’s development team. EICE will continue to participate in the longer term development on an advisory basis.

Value to Client: A robust and efficient network solver will be at the center of the client’s future production optimization strategy. The significant experience of the EICE consultants in this area is being leveraged to accelerate time to market and minimize development risk.