The Challenge: Our client is a Canadian SCADA and instrumentation vendor that provides subscription-based field monitoring services to independent oil and gas operating companies in Alberta and British Columbia. The company is looking to extend its offering to the next step in the value chain leverage the data available through its monitoring services to provide customers with reliable diagnostic solutions that are designed to help improve operations and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Our Role: EICE partnered with the client for the development of the initial phase of a web-based oil and gas operations management platform that is designed to combine real-time field data with static government and client data repositories while leveraging engineering analysis tool, with the overall solution driven by an interactive web-based GIS interface.

Our Approach: With the twin goals of maintaining market focus while simultaneously managing R&D costs, EICE have taken a project-driven approach, where funded projects are used to drive the overall platform development strategy. The first phase of the project involved the development of a fugitive emissions management system for oil and gas operators in Alberta that is mandated by state regulatory laws.


Platform:  web application

Database:  Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2

User Interface :  ASP.Net, crystal reports.

Value to Client: The value of the fugitive emissions service is not only that it ensures that oil and gas producers meet their compliance requirements, but they also save money as a result of decreased excess wasted gas as leaks are identified and repaired within a shorter timeframe. The client sees the this new initiative as a critical platform for offering more value-added services to its existing customer base as well as in expanding its offering to US and international markets. The association with EICE enables the SCADA vendor to leverage advanced engineering and technology applications to achieve these objectives.