The Challenge: The client markets a petroleum economics evaluation tool. With fiscal regimes currently in flux in the industry due to a combination of price volatility, shifting policies and legislative changes, the client identified the need for a visualization tool to provide a means for efficiently managing fiscal model libraries within the overall solution environment.

Our Role: EICE is providing software development services for the development of a new visualization solution.

Our Approach: The project involves the development of a financial model visualization tool using WPF technologies. The application will read fiscal models, analyze the data and create graphical descriptions of the data based on a set of user interactions.


Platform:Windows-based application

Database:  Microsoft SQL Server 2008

User Interface :WPF, WCF, GOXam network modeling tool

Value to Client: An intuitive, easy-to-use model visualization tool will enable the client’s user base to leverage the complex financial model libraries that are currently in limited use. The improved usability will support the goal of making the overall solution a more competitive offering in the petroleum economics arena.