The Challenge: Through a series of acquisitions and consolidation, the client has become one of the world’s largest vendors of electrical submersible pumps (ESP) with market dominance in Russia and China. The client has embarked on a major marketing drive to be competitive with western vendors in order to penetrate higher-margin international markets in the West, Latin America, and the Middle East. A significant component of this drive is to leverage the company’s differentiating technology into a set of analysis tools that will be used initially for the design of their customer’s installations, and subsequently as part of overall service for continuous 24×7 monitoring with the objective of extending run life, a critical performance metric for ESPs

Our Role: EICE’s petroleum engineering advisors and software architects have teamed with the client’s experienced ESP design engineers to assess the state of ESP technology (both within the organization as well as externally), identifying strengths and limitations in key areas, and have created a design for the implementation of the next-generation software tools for ESP analysis, design, and monitoring.

Our Approach: The joint analysis was based on a review of existing in-house spreadsheets, commercial solutions as well as proprietary competitor offerings, supplemented with a series of extensive interviews with field engineers and customers. The resulting design will form the basis for the next phase of the project which will be the development of a comprehensive engineering analysis module for ESP design. The focus of the architectural design of the software is the longer-term extensibility of the complex engineering design algorithms into the subsequent real-time surveillance and diagnostics applications.

Platform:  web application on Cloud (Microsoft Azure)

Engineering:  EICE’s proprietary XWORK engine for multiphase flow analysis in the wellbore

User Interface :  HTML5, JQuery, WCF restful services

Value to Client:  Moving from the use of multiple geographically-dispersed field-driven approaches to a central engineering-focused solution based on the latest standards, technology and methodologies is expected to provide benefit on multiple fronts, not the least of which is a significant step in promoting the market perception of our client as technology leader in the artificial lift arena.