Digital Media

The Challenge: The client was a startup company and they were looking for a reliable IT partner who can take care of the responsibilities of their complete IT needs.

Our Role: EICE’s Media advisors and software architects have teamed with the client’s experienced Media professionals identifying strengths and limitations in key areas, and have created a design for the implementation of the next-generation software tools for Digital Media.

Our Approach: The join analysis of the client’s current and future requirements of IT infrastructure and software needs. Extensive interviews with all stakeholders. The focus of the architectural design of the software is the longer-term extensibility & applying best-compressing technologies and making sure choosing the right servers for optimal performance.


Platform: web application on Cloud (Microsoft Azure), Cordova for mobile app,

Value to Client: The client was successfully able to manage their core business area leaving all IT needs to EICE, within the first year of its launch Client was able to do 4 big shows and generated 1 million hits per month.