The Challenge: Client was working in the education domain and mainly working in the area of on line mock tests preparation for the various engineering/medical/defense entrance exams they were looking for a reliable IT partner who can take care the responsibilities of IT needs and provide them a reliable solution, which can be effective works in online mode as well as offline mode.

Our Role: EICE proposed and created a design for the implementation of the next-generation software tools for and developed a Mobile App / Web app / Desktop based app for a client.

Our Approach: EICE’s software architects have teamed with the client’s team to identify the challenges in education areas and how to mitigate it. EICE studied current challenges being faced by students, did surveys amongst students & other stakeholders, in various places.


Platform: web application on Cloud (Microsoft Azure), Xamarin for mobile app. WPF for windows app

Value to Client: Client was able to launch the unique Solution which was being synced between Mobile/ Web and desktop, Solution can be used even in weak network signal, and students can practice mock tests without internet. The first product to offer such ease of practice. Very quickly product got more than 50,000 users with an approval rating of 4.4/5.